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Signs are everywhere throughout the world. Some signs announce celebrations, while other signs help inform society of locations and present important warnings.

Street signs help communities stay organized and makes it easier to find locations within a town, city or any other area that has roadways. Businesses use signs in many different styles and forms. Restaurants announce meal specials and realtors advertise houses for sale as well as for rent. Signs relay important notices including parking or no parking and no trespassing. Even open and close signs are staples in businesses, restaurants and any community building. Signs also help lead individuals to an entrance or an exit. A handicap sign in facilities as well as parking lots help indicate special areas designated for those individuals.

Think about celebrations. There are banners, posters and other sign types printed with the announcements of congratulations for weddings, anniversaries, births and other special accomplishments. Some signs have the purpose of advertising not a business, but a person. This is true with politics. Candidates campaign and present their names to the public as well as their political message through signs. These special signs are found on billboards, yard signs, window signs and bumper stickers. The closer it gets to an election the day the more political signs are visible. They are along roadsides for travelers to view and in windows for passersby to see.

Signs come in many shapes and sizes as well as a vibrant rainbow of color when it comes to print, graphics and poster display. There are choices in style and materials used for signs. Do you want a big sign? Try a billboard. Are you displaying something for a party? Try a banner. Magnetic, paper, cloth, plastic, vinyl and plywood are just some of the materials that are considered the most popular. Magnetic signs are perfect for placing on the body of a vehicle. Fellow travelers will see the message and when the vehicle is parked anyone in the area will be able to view the message. While paper and cloth won’t take the elements, such as the rain and high winds, they are great for indoor display while plastic and vinyl are the best options for outdoor signs.

Signs help present information without placing a person in the spot to tell people the message. Instead, the sign does the informing by being placed in a visible location. Some signs are permanent just as for displaying a business name outside or on the facade of a building. Others are temporary such as displaying sales for stores and restaurant. When the sale is over they take the sign down and perhaps replace it with information a new sign.

Different types of signs have different ways of hanging for display. Holders, stakes and frames as well as stands for banners, brochure boxes, banner hangers and attachments, adhesives, magnets, display posts, such as in stores, outdoor stands and poles and brackets.

Perhaps there are signs that may not be considered as signs, but they are. This would include license plates on vehicles including required plates and decorative plates with a special name or message on it. The required license sign holder stand plate gives authorities a sign that the car is legally registered. The decorative sign gives the vehicle some personalization for the owner.

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