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The best way I can help you find New Company Name Ideas is to actually give you a real life example. The purpose of this is to get your train of thought veering in the right direction. It really isn’t as hard as you might think. I am going to share a few simple techniques that anyone can follow in order to achieve the perfect new company name.

Firstly, you will need a dictionary, (one with a thesaurus). The reason you need a thesaurus is because you will be looking for synonyms. In case your not sure what ‘synonyms’ are, they are words that are ‘similar’.

I am going to use a ‘Book Shop’ as an example for our New Company Name Ideas. Now ‘The Book Shop’ would be a bit boring and not very memorable, and it’s more than likely already been taken, so how can we improve on this boring name and give it an exciting twist that will stand the test of time?

Start by looking up ‘Book’ in the dictionary. The description is as follows; ‘bound set of printed or blank pages; a literacy composition of fact or fiction’.

Underneath, as I read down the page, we have ‘Book Case’, Book Club’, ‘Book End’, Book Mark’, ‘Book Man’, ‘Book Stall’, ‘Book Worm’ and my favourite ‘Bookish’ which means fond of reading.

Any one of these names would make a great New Company Name, shoes brand names but don’t stop there. Explore some more into related words that we uncovered when we searched our base word ‘Book’. By continually looking up related words, you can generate a quality targeted list and move words and phrases around until you come up with some great new company name ideas.

The next place we are going to look is on the internet. The internet is not just for finding a local plumber and paying your bills on, there are a whole host of tools that are available to you, and are totally free of charge.

The best tool I know about is the ‘Google Keyword Selector Tool’. It allows you to type in a main keyword, and then generates a list of related keywords. You can compile a great list of new company name ideas just by entering different related keywords, then play around with those keywords.

Company name Ideas are often triggered visually, so use resources that are all around you. Phone directories, yellow pages, local newspapers, magazines etc. Open your mind to ideas and they will come from everywhere.

A couple of things to remember are; pick a name that will grow with your company. It’s no good being ‘Kettle Mania’ if you are going to be selling toasters and other electrical goods later on. You will need to choose a generic name that covers all electrical items, not just kettles.

Make sure the name is some what memorable. Dave’s Cafe just doesn’t quite cut it! Check that you are the only one with that name. Get it registered and be official. The last thing you want is to be sued before you even start!

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