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While out on the open road a rider depends on their motorcycle to work correctly and efficiently in getting them to where the road is taking them, whether the destination is planned or just waiting to see what is around the next bend. A rider depends on the motorcycle jacket they are wearing to give them the protection they deserve to have while out on the open road.

Motorcycle jackets are available in different types of leather, canvas, Cordura, and denim. Leather remains the longtime favorite for this type of jacket. Three main reasons for this are, one, leather has always been synonymous with motorcycle riding, two, leather, especially cowhide leather is very abrasive resistant, and three there is hardly anything better looking than a rider in leather.

Leather motorcycle jackets have been around almost as long as motorcycles. It was naturally the next step after motorcycles to motorcycle jackets manufactured, because of riders needing protection from the hazards of the road and riding. The first jackets were usually made of horse hide, steer hide or goatskin. The Schott Company began their business in 1913, they along with Harley Davidson and other companies such as the Joseph Buegeleisen Company produced leather motorcycle jackets, motorcycle accessories and saddlebags. The jackets had names like Ranger and Rangerette, Cycle Champ and Cycle Queen.

As time went on motorcycle jackets became more and more protective, as well as designed with more of the features that are great for a rider to have for protection as well as comfort and functionality. There are pockets of all sizes, pockets within pockets giving lots of storage for items a biker will need on the road, zippered vents that can be open in the front and back to create a cooling breeze that circulates around inside of the jacket, zip out liners that can be out in summer making it cooler and zipped back in in the winter to give an extra layer of warmth, neck warmers, side laces, fringe for wicking the rain water away from the jacket and so on.

Today there are now many companies that manufacture motorcycle jackets. So what about discount motorcycle jackets? This term can mean two things. It can be a term to describe jackets that are made cutting corners, using thin leather, leather that is not as abrasive resistant, zippers and other hardware on the jacket that is inferior, which means zippers that will get caught or pull apart, stitching that will come undone, or jackets that are dyed by the color being sprayed on. As the jacket ages this type of dyeing will show the lighter color of the hide if there is some peeling. Jackets such as these will only create frustration for the rider. They are not as protective and who needs a zipper that is stuck and won’t zip up when the cold wind starts blowing?

Discount motorcycle jackets can also mean a quality leather motorcycle jacket at very reasonable prices. This version is the best, quality and affordability. What makes a quality leather motorcycle jacket? A jacket made of cowhide and American buffalo are going to very abrasive resistant. Other leather such as lambskin and goatskin can make beautiful soft jackets but they do not hold up to skidding across the asphalt as well as the other type. YKK zippers are the best type of zippers. A rider can depend on them for lasting functionality that can last the life of the jacket. The leather should be 1.3mm thick or more to provide the desired protection. As far as the dyeing of the jacket, drum dyed is the best. This creates they dye going all of the way through the leather, so even with aging the jacket will still look great.

There is nothing like riding out on the open road, and every rider deserves to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are wearing leather that will last and will give them the protection from the weather, and hazards of the road that may come up.

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