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Diamonds are expensive stones that everyone can not afford to buy. Some rare stones are certainly out of buying reach of many people. But if you are thinking of purchasing some loose diamonds for molding them on an engagement ring, you can purchase them within your budgetary limits. This will, however, be possible only when you follow some tips.

First of all, since the precious stone on the ring jewellery is meant for your bride-to-be, make sure that you know about her choice. Ask her if she likes a princess cut or round cut stone. Know if she likes a colored diamond more than a near colorless one. Her choice should matter the most.

Set the price

After you know about her choice, find out the current prices of the diamond in the market. Visit your local jeweler to have a glimpse of the stone and the price range for engagement rings. Of course, you have a fixed amount to spend on. So, you need to set a price beyond which you would not like to go. To know more about the current prices of diamonds, make a search on internet also.

Quality concerns

If you think that diamonds are still out of your reach, then go for some cuts in quality parameters. Even with a lesser quality, glitter of the diamond is not diminished much. diamond shape  The precious stone is judged on 4Cs of color, clarity, cut and carat. A little lowering of these standards can make the purchasing easier.

For instance, as compared to colorless and near colorless diamond, a yellowish stone is priced lower. You can safely purchase a stone having some invisible flaws at lower prices. Such flaws do not have much impact on the brilliance and fire of the stone for engagement rings.

Exterior blemishes of diamonds can be polished to make the unnoticeable. Side scratches on the stones can be covered with metal through bezel setting. Such stones are sold at very low prices.

Carat weight of diamonds should also be considered for lowering of its prices. With a lower carat weight of less than one carat, a diamond becomes extremely affordable. If, instead of a solitaire ring, you choose to purchase a three-stone ring or a channel set ring, you can buy smaller diamonds at lower prices.

Online purchasing

To lower the diamond prices further, opt for purchasing the stones from online sellers on internet. As they have to counter a tough competition, they often revise the engagement rings prices and diamond prices downward. Some online sellers need to combat the competition more than others.

So, scan various websites of online jewelers and compare their prices of diamonds. You are likely to come across one such seller whose price tag is easier for you. But make sure that the jeweler has a return policy in place.

In the end, it can be said that diamonds can be bought easily for molding them on engagement rings, if proper search is made and above mentioned aspects are taken care of.

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