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One of the nicest reasons for buying diamonds online is the great number of selection that you can check on. While when you shop on a brick and mortar store, you become limited to the items that are available, in the internet you are amazed by the variety and kinds of diamonds for you as a buyer to choose from. Of course, buying online especially with it comes to something as expensive as diamonds should be done with care. Remember you are making a deal with someone that is online and whom you have yet to meet.

Before shopping and buying diamonds online, you first have to learn all that you can about diamonds such as its color, clarity, cut and carat weights. It does help to be knowledgeable on diamonds is it will be easy for you to know if you are being ripped off by a con man or even an unscrupulous online diamond shop owner. 粉紅鑽石  Once you are almost like a diamond expert, it is time to start shopping for diamonds online.

The first thing however to remember when buying diamonds online is to take some time. It is not advisable to buy the first diamond that got your interest. What you have to do is find other similar diamonds and check for those with a much lower price. Once you are able to find the lowest priced diamonds, it is time to do some thorough checking.

You have to verify the credentials of the diamond seller such as checking the jewelry group or association that he belongs to. Inquire about the upgrade and refund policies of the jeweler. It would be an added point to him if he offers extra services such as sizing, mountings, settings and free item shipping and delivery. It can help if you find online reviews on the company. Check about any complaints on the company with the online BBB.

Finally before you decide on buying diamonds online, ask first for a grading report from any established, independent laboratory like EGL, GIA or AGS. Go through all these processes and once you are sure that everything is okay, you now can decide to buy diamonds online.

One more thing and this is very important. It is important to employ an efficient escrow service for expensive diamonds. It is preferred that the service do diamond appraisal when the item is with them. The jeweler sends to the escrow service the diamond, while you send the payment to the service. The escrow service makes a diamond appraisal, sends you your precious diamonds and sends payment to the jeweler. This is the best way to protect yourself as a diamond buyer. Now, start learning more about these precious stones before you decide on buying diamonds online.

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