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Necklaces are one of the most peculiar ornaments for the ornament. Women even in cultural and traditional set ups have used necklaces over a long time. Some of the traditional African communities made necklaces out of wood and even stones.

These stones and ornaments were some of the earliest forms of money before the coin currency. Gemstone is a rare, shiny mineral that is durable, maintaining its glitter and glamour.

When something is rare, and of high quality, it becomes unique, and the demand goes up. Personalized Jewelry Gemstone has maintained that for years, and gemstone necklaces still remain among the best in the market.

The necklaces come in many shapes and sizes. The shape is the mainly used categorizing feature. The heart-cut pendant has the shape of a heart and may be appropriate gift for a partner or a close friend.

The linked heart pendant was specifically designed for couples. It contains two hearts linked together either permanently or just interlocked.

One may also use the general purpose open leaf necklace as a gift to a friend who wants something delightful. The inner circle, star flower, the moon and star, and emerald cut are other types of gemstone necklaces in the market.

How to choose original ones

With precious stones, it is easy to buy an imitation that ends up losing the glamour shortly. Most of the imitations are done in glass, and an easy way to determine the originality of a gemstone is by rubbing with a soft cloth.

When you rub ordinary glass with a cloth, marks are left on the glass. This isn’t the case with gemstone. When you rub gemstone, the glitter only increases.

The difference may not be easy to tell, so one may decide to go for the next alternative, compare the weight. Comparatively, glass is lighter than pure gemstone, and clearer. With keenness, one can get to differentiate the imitation form the original and end up getting something worth the price.

There are many precious stones and metals out there to buy necklaces made of them, so why gemstone? Gemstones come in many forms unlike other stones, and colors too. Gemstone has a high probability of matching any outfit one chooses to wear.

Most gemstones can be worn with a variety of dresses, casual or even suits, and still look gorgeous. From the many great features of gemstone, we can conclude that it’s not a special-event ornament. It’s an ornament that you should wear every day.

If you plan on buying necklaces to sell, it is important that you research this topic in full before making any purchase. There is a lot more to the buying and selling of necklaces than most people realize. Apart from the obvious differences in style and material, the length is an issue that has an impact on the popularity of certain designs.

Traditionally, necklaces are sold in seven different lengths. When it comes to advertising the designs that you have, you should be clear on which of these seven groupings your pieces belong to. The length will be the factor that determines how low down the designs hang.

The shortest style is referred to as a choker. These wrap around almost on the neck and usually measure from ten to thirteen inches. Chokers were very popular five to six years ago, and are still a style which some young people like.

You can also buy chokers that are a larger size, e. G., from fourteen to eighteen inches. In this category there are also lockets and strands. These stay relatively close to the neck, though they may also feature accessories such as pendants which hang down over the breast bone. This size can be a great choice when wanting to create a classical look.

The next size up are the twenty to twenty-four inch designs. These are typically sold as strands, chains, and pendant necklaces. Usually, they are positioned at the top of the wearer’s bust line, though this would of course depend upon actual body size. The designs in this range are among the biggest sellers.

Moving up there is the twenty-eight to thirty-four inch options. These are large enough to be used as a double strand, or positioned to hang below the bust line. They are pieces that should be worn on top of a dress or shirt rather than against the skin.

The last two groupings are the necklaces that are forty to forty-eight inches, and forty-eight inches and longer. All the designs which fall into these categories hang very low, sometimes as far down as the navel. The extra length means that they can doubled or tripled.

When investing in wholesale jewelry, it is important to be clear on how the designs you stock are to be worn. Understanding necklace lengths can help you correctly address queries from customers. It would also allow you to place orders for those styles which your target market would find desirable.

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